SF ISACA Quarterly Newsletter

4th Quarter, 2010

2010 Membership Survey

This year, we reduced the number of pages, questions and clicks and time it takes to respond to our membership survey. We’re still using SurveyMonkey so that the responses are automatically tabulated and reported. Emails went out to the more than 900 chapter members in mid-November. A reminder email went out in early December. 121 of you responded for approximately 10% response rate (with almost as many out-of-office replies). You can see the survey summary report below.

Some highlights:

  • 80% agree or strongly agree that their San Francisco ISACA Membership has excellent value
  • 60% feel that the Fall Conference and CPE credits are the services with the most benefit
  • 90% prefer to be kept informed of SF ISACA news or events by direct email
  • 40% gave specific feedback on what has been great about your membership experience
  • 30% provided feedback on what could be improved
  • 30% told us what they’d like to see happen in 2010-2011
  • 30% actually took the time to type in topics they would like to see covered in an education session

Kudos to our Education Committee - one person said "Topics you've had are better than I could design."

This is what people said was great about their membership experience:

  • Access to technical resources
  • Certifications
  • Certification Review Courses
  • Connecting with new or emerging hot topics
  • Everyone's enthusiasm and sense of community.
  • Excellent networking opportunities.
  • Fall conference

This is what people thought could be improved:

  • Change Hotels to one more downtown/fin District located
  • Fewer emails
  • Have some free seminars
  • Improved visibility into chapter operations
  • More joint sessions. Much better/more technical speakers/material at fall conference.
  • More new member interaction. Organization appears to be dependent on about 20 people to do everything.
  • More networking-only events (not just in July & Dec)
  • More technical workshops

This is what people want to see happen in 2010-11:

  • Another Fall Conference
  • Class on Pen tests, Class on Wireless Assessment, class on physical assessments
  • Some free seminars
  • More advanced sessions
  • More CPE is always needed. The opportunity to get a lot of credits in one day would be outstanding. Sometimes is difficult to arrange your whole day around a lunch and only get 1.5 credits.
  • More transitional seminars empowering people to the next level or to traverse industry boundaries
  • Regular schedule of monthly events
  • SF Chapter involvement with other regional chapters

For the full 2010 SF ISACA Membership Survey results, click here.

Debra Mallette
1st Vice President