SF ISACA Quarterly Newsletter

4th Quarter, 2010

Membership Committee Update

As we continue to celebrate the San Francisco Giants brining the World Championship Trophy to our great City, it is interesting to observe the similarities with our chapter. The Giants rose to the top of the baseball world by assembling a diverse team, some veterans, and some rookies, all dedicated to being the best team they could be. They understand and respect one another’s strengths and never hesitate to backup their teammates.

The leadership of your SF ISACA Chapter is similar in many ways. It is composed of a team of dedicated individuals, coming from a diverse set of backgrounds in IT Audit, Security and Governance, all focused on making your membership in ISACA, and your association with the San Francisco Chapter as valuable as possible. Through their close management of the chapter’s finances, we are able to substantially subsidize the cost of putting on some of the best educational opportunities in Northern California. Whether it’s the monthly educational events, the fantastic Fall Conference, or the various certification exam preparation workshops, your chapter membership provides you with an outstanding educational value.

And beyond "just" the educational opportunities, your chapter membership provides you with a number of networking options. If you’re interested in just shaking some hands and exchanging some business cards, leverage the networking opportunities available at all chapter events. If you’re looking to take the actions necessary to build your reputation in the in the IT Audit, Security and Governance community, there is no better way to pursue that goal than getting involved in the management and operations of your SF ISACA chapter. Representing over 900 professionals in the Bay Area, helping to set and execute the agenda for the chapter is rewarding on many levels, both professionally and personally. See http://sfisaca.org/committees.htm for more information or to get involved.

Just as the Giants will continue to evolve their roster to remain a wining team, we welcome the following new members to our chapter in October/November:

Jonas Papaurelis, CISA

Lisa D. Yee, CISA

Philip D. Harris

Laura Rosete

Paul Weissmann, CISA

Tom Icabone

Christopher Maturo

Maria E. Cox

Kathy Fong Lau

Ron Lee

Goran Kovacevic

Brian Davis Wall

Frances H. Cohen


The following members transferred into our chapter in October/November:

Homyar Dastoor

Vasudevan Venkataraman, CISA

Richard K.S. Wei, CISA

Hassan Javed, CRISC

Ehab Sheira

Anmol Misra

Yuhsin Elisa Lin, CISA

Floralynn G. Gabriel, CISA


Membership Committee Chair